Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery

Holders of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE), with 4 passes in non-religious subjects including C - Chemistry and Biology, D - Physics/Engineering Sciences and English Language. Pass in Basic Mathematics is an added advantage. Duration of the programme is 3 years.

Programme Objectives

  • Enrol learners with desirable entry qualifications into the programme
  • Distribute adequate and appropriate resources for enabling the teaching and learning process
  • Create conducive environment for teaching and learning n schools, clinical and Community settings
  • Monitor teaching and learning processes in schools, clinical and community settings
  • Produce competent Nurses and Midwives who will provide quality health care in Tanzania

Diploma in Clinical Medicine

Applicant through Direct entry into an Ordinary Diploma Course in Clinical Medicine (Clinical Officer) must have a minimum of ā€œDā€ pass in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. A pass in English and Mathematics is an added advantage..

Methods of Study

  • The programmeenhances a wide range of study methods and approaches. They include lecture discussion, small group discussion, case studies, role plays, tutorials, assignments, practical training including demonstration, laboratory/ward attachment and study tours